Thursday, 29 May 2014

All the small things

 The scenario has now been play-tested 3 times, with adjustments being made to force morale, scenario conditions/special rules & even force composition after new reading material bought new information to light particularly regarding the Infantry composition of the German attack force. Out with the Panzergrenadiers & in with Grenadiers from an ad hoc formation supplied by II/726 including troops from both 7Kp & the HQ units. Surprisingly, removal of the PzGr. 2nd squad mg made very little difference in the subsequent games (maybe due to tactics employed & in part to the nature of the terrain) with if anything, the grenadiers faring slightly better! They were still being supported by the 8(Schw)Kp 192 vehicles though.

Anyway, poor quality as they are (again), here are a few shots of new bits added to the game forces over the last few days:

Some of the new shock markers for the Germans. Those 'surrendering' with green dice would symbolise shock, whereas those 'prone' with black dice would signify kills on weapon teams or vehicle crews where removing single figures was not an option.
Some examples of the corresponding para markers. The same system will apply.

New para "Jump-Off" points. The red chute denotes weapons & ammunition, the yellow one medical supplies & the others have had theirs removed. This information will bear no significance in the game itself.
The scenario calls for a "tank-killer" team. These were supplied from the MG Company who had landed without their heavy weapons & were armed only with stens, pistols & gammon bombs.
And finally, the element that would be the greatest help in evening the odds for the outnumbered & beleaguered paras. Snipers were very instrumental in the day's many engagements, ensuring that the German attackers had to be on their guard at every turn.
We've got another run-through arranged for this Sunday at Wyvern Wargamers with two new pairs of eyes to iron out wrinkles. At this rate, by the day of the event, it should hopefully be playing very well indeed!



  1. Is the Summer Special you final OB?

  2. I floated these over at the LFL CoC Forum too.

    This scenario looks really interesting.

    What was the final size of your table?

    Where are the Para JoPs, and how many?

    How does an EDNA of 6 work? It will never decrease...