Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Benouville the game - Step 3 Orchards "the tedium"

With important buildings complete, it's been time to turn my attentions to the bit which, if I'm honest, had been the least looked forward to. I had planned out 3 orchards to run up the western side of the village on right side the main Caen-Ouisterham road. They had to be done. There was no avoiding them. It was a case of "grit yer teeth chap".
The orchards shown in light green
I had a clear idea of how I was going to go about making them and in the recent warm spell had even mocked up their part of the battlefield on a pasting table in the garden in order to cut bases of the right size.
"In the buff"
 Having cut the bases I attached some small magnetic tape cut into 10mm lengths at measured intervals to give the regular appearance that would differentiate from normal woodland features. The Woodland Scenics small trees I'd bought last year for this purpose (but kept putting off) had been glued to 1p pieces (pre-tested for magnet friendly) & based. then the whole lot was given a coat of Crafters Acrylic fawn paint bought from Hobbycraft
Yesterday I resigned to attach the foliage.
I'd only have to do it once
I kept reminding myself how much use they'd be in return for all the boredom & mess. It worked! by the end of the day I'd knocked out 64 trees & grassed the bases. although it doesn't look much, it had the VERY pleasant effect of making me feel I was getting close to the end of the scenery building.

Next up (& finally) walls, hedges & tracks......

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