Saturday, 10 May 2014

Benouville the game - Step 2 the buildings (1)

Having established the draft plan I looked for some inspiration & decided to actually have a "test-run" to set up what I already had & take some photos to actually gauge the job ahead. I found myself on a Saturday with no football & an urge to create so I moved some bits about & came up with this:

From here I could much better visualise what tasks lay ahead & formulate an order in which to proceed. As I realised soon after, there's a lot wrong in this photo, but it was a fun exercise so what the heck! If nothing else, I had a rough size for the orchards, I'd selected buildings for the 'new builds' & realised just how much I wasn't happy with the track roads I had....they'd HAVE to be changed. So as a last bit of fun I did some filter tinkering for a flavour shot:

A while later, after poring over the layout, I re-visited my knock-up plan & the 1944 air shot & altered the plan to take in the changes I'd decided upon:

The new buildings at A & B  I could make up & base pretty much as pictured at the top. but the new additions at C & D were small "one & a half storey" cottages with dormer windows which I didn't own anything suitable for, so some thought and improvisation would be needed. The buildings marked in red were outside the road area & therefore not critical for the scenario victory conditions. I had decided that I could already do L & J from 'stock' & would look to make up N, O & M later when the more pressing stuff was out of the way.

So, in no particular order the scenery tasks were:

The 4 new buildings
The orchards
Sort the tracks
Build a garden for building E
repaint the roofs of F
Walls & hedges (now I had a better idea of lengths).

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