Monday, 19 May 2014

Forgive me Father for I have sinned.......AGAIN

Well, what a busy weekend that seemed to be! It started with the first play-test of the Benouville game on Friday (which went very well), took in the trek north to Triples in Sheffield on Saturday, painting some more 15mm paras on Sunday & ended with a trip to Wyvern Wargamers to get my arse royally kicked at Stu's Starship Troopers game. A night where I couldn't roll a single 6 all night until I didn't want any & they came along in doubles & trebles! DOH!

Anyway, onto the sinning, which mostly happened on Saturday. Despite my proud declaration that "no more new topics would be undertaken this year", I appear to have failed miserably coming away from Triples with not ONE but TWO seeds of evil planted firmly in my wargaming brain.

Here's the weekend swag. And the excuses which may or may not be necessary.....

First up was this haul for my Jason & the Argonauts project

Not strictly speaking a 'new' project as Paul Next Door & I had talked at length about doing it. I'd opted for Jason while Paul was for all things Arabian with Sinbad. The plan was to try out the 7TV rules '7th Voyage' from Crooked Dice, They've really captured the "Harryhausen" feel we were looking for. The slightly unforeseen part was buying the other set of rules pictured, but they're really pretty & contain LOTS of lovely pictures of the painted Foundry  range which I'll find quite an inspiration. Watch this space.......

Addition to an existing game. No sin here.
I already own & play Dead Man's Hand which is a great game with an innovative mechanic that really suits the Wild West theme. Having missed it's debut at Salute I took the opportunity to catch up with top fellas Stu McQ & Mark from Great Escape Games & bag a copy of 'Legend'. Trips into Dry Gulch would now take on a whole new slant.

Cracking source material for CoC & IABSM
 Next up is a book I'd been looking at buying for probably the last two years from Dave Thomas. Written by Stephen Andrew & published by Landser Books, it covers German army uniforms in all theatres from 1944-45 with some corking colour plates. When Dave made such an attractive offer I couldn't refuse, even Paul Next Door grabbed 'one for the road'.

21st Panzer finally get their correct supports for Benouville

In through the door & straight to Stafford Games (who now have bags in the same livery as Harrods so I'm told by the lady serving - FoW sales must still be strong!), where I picked up the "must have" bits of the day. I felt so much better :^)

Difficult to tell because of the reflection, but this field is lovely!
 Last but by no means least are the flowers I told the wife I was getting (still don't understand why she's peeved) & a 'field' by some company in the Czech Republic, most probably for railways. Stu at GEG was telling me they'd sort of been bought in error so it was a case of getting them noticed. This one has the look of a rape-seed type crop. It's about A4 sized & when based will make a cracking little 'small-holding' in Normandy somewhere scaling at bout 30m x 19m.

The aforementioned 2nd new project hasn't ACTUALLY been purchased yet. but the thought alone is wrong as it will surely happen (just not probably until the end of this year). After picking up a parcel for Rich Clarke from Empress Miniatures, I stood gazing at the BEAUTIFUL Spanish Civil War range, something I'd been holding off on for a while (and cursing the many CoC Espana lists published around Christmas) . I cracked. I knew I would. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that was what Rich's parcel contained too!

I'm not from the Catholic side of our family. Just as well. I'd be mumbling "Hail Mary's" for the rest of my days.....

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