Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Benouville the game - Step 4 walls, hedges & tracks etc.

To finish everything off I've purpose built over 6 feet of walling, another 3 feet of hedges (this time with some integral trees for variation - while I was in the mood) & the few pieces of farm track I needed.
All the walling was from the Landmark range I once owned. I'd kept hold of a few packs when I sold the range for just such an occasion

The hedges were again based on the wooden garden plant identification sticks (like large lolly sticks) i'd used for all my previous walls & hedges. These had some random small Woodland Scenics trees in to 'spruce' things up.

The tracks were some flexible ones Jamie had bought on eBay. I re-coloured them to match the landscape & added the central static grass to show they were quite rural.

 That was the scenery side taken care of completely. I've spend this afternoon setting up the battlefield, making a few notes & taking a few photos in preparation for the first run-through on Friday. I'll put up the finished battlefield shots tomorrow, but for now it's off to finalise some draft orbats.......


  1. Wow you're really going at it...

  2. Great work so far. When I click on you images, they sadly don't open in a larger window, as I'd love to have a better look at your work.

  3. Nice work Ade, looking forward to playing on it all.

  4. Steve, I'd love to know how to do that! Maybe I'll ask one of my IT savvy pals to wise me up on that score :^)

  5. Jason, any idea which side you'd like to play yet? I know Geoff's not bothered either way & I'd rather you weren't both "tossing" for it on the day :^D