Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dress Rehearsal

So, having got to the stage where I thought the battlefield side of the project was complete, I decided to indulge myself & see it all set up for the first time. I spent a little time making small adjustments, moving trees & judging angles etc. before I took a few shots to whet my appetite for writing up the scenario.
Here's a few "flavour snaps". Again, please excuse the quality, they were taken on my iPad.

View from the German approach in the south

The Germans will start from either 1 of 2 jump-off points situated behind this wall (but 4" off table) or enter on the roads at either end of the wall. 

Table height view along the "lower road" 

View from the south-east, showing the main Caen-Ouisterham Road on the far side.

Looking toward the Germans. Pegasus Bridge would be behind you & to your left.

View from above the Caen Canal looking west

The two north-south roads frame the battle-zone.

From the north-west. Le Port would be behind you to your left.

Finally, from the west.

All-in-all I'm happy that the scene is set. Now all that remains is to make the action playable as a game! There are quite a number of things to be addressed. My biggest concern is that it will be by far the most urban of all the CoC games I've attempted. Hopefully the play-testing will determine whether it's feasible to prevent things just bogging into a static fire-fight. Initial thoughts are that the Germans will need to take 5 of the 9 buildings with the road network OR reduce the paras Force Morale to zero (as normal) to achieve victory. For the beleaguered paras, much as in real life, the goal is to prevent that while also reducing the opponent's Force Morale to zero. Go to it!

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