Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Projects for the year ahead 2014 (1) Gladiators

Salutant vos, qui morituris!

After a long, exhaustive search for the 'right' rules, I finally took the plunge and bought a set that I'd liked the look of after reading the reviews. The purchase was delayed somewhat as, after making my choice, they disappeared from sale at North Star & everywhere else! Still, watching out for them turned out to have been worthwhile & a set was duly secured on eBay for a tenner (RRP £17).....bargain!

I'm intending to keep this as a small "side-project" (low figure count etc. making that ideal) & don't have any plans to do daft things like build a 3D arena.....while, not yet anyhow ;)

I'll be using a bunch of 28mm figures I picked up from West Wind way back at Warfare show back in about 2002. I don't see them available anymore but I think they were part of the Gladiator Wars range also sold by Old Glory. I'll post some photos of how they're coming on when the project finally finds wings after OML2.

See, it's not ALL Lard ya know!


  1. Very Sneaky Mr D. I may have some Foundry gladiators already painted :)

  2. On hex bases by any chance? ;)