Thursday, 15 May 2014

A question of occupancy

I've opted for playing all my WW2 CoC games in 15mm, chiefly for these main reasons.

1) I already had a lot of figures, vehicles & most importantly scenery in that scale for IABSM.
2) It was bang-on for the ground scale as intended.
3) It would enable me to fight over whole villages & sections of town, which in larger scales wouldn't be either possible for space or cost......

One of the biggest issues in gaming in this scale, is that unless you go for overlarge buildings, many of the ranges do not have lift-off roofs & showing figures as "inside" can be problematic. I'm not a fan of putting figures behind or next to buildings to show their occupation & many of the games we play as a group are done so without an umpire so telling someone who's where is not always an option either. With the forthcoming Benouville game having so many buildings involved, I was keen to come up with a solution.

Each building was given a letter on the plan. I then photographed each one 'top-down' to give a plan view & photo-shopped the identification letter onto it.
Benouville's 'Building D' would now become 'Building D' in my collection permanently
 The idea was then to talk nicely to Paul Next Door & see if he'd be willing to laminate the photos for a more permanent feel. Each one could then be put on a side surface in easy proximity to the game (hidden if necessary). Troops could then be placed upon the appropriate building picture as they entered them.
A couple of paras have taken up position downstairs in the cottage.
 In buildings with multiple floors, it would be necessary to depict which one the troops were on (especially important for close combat in CoC). So I decided as I had lots of them lying about unused, I'd depict levels by placing FoW bases beneath the troops. No base would signify ground floor, One base 1st floor & so on like so:
Our paras are joined by colleagues who take up position on the 1st floor
If particularly of importance, the troops' facing on the picture could even decide which aspect of the building they could fire from. I think I'll be trialling this in future CoC games.

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