Wednesday, 7 May 2014

OML2 A Bridge to Lard June 14th 2014

As previously mentioned, last year we at Wyvern Wargamers ran a day long event called Operation market Larden (OML for short) solely dedicated to the rules produced by TooFatLardies which are highly popular among the club membership. It went rather well so we decided as long as it's supported we'll try & make it an annual occurrence!

This year will see 9 games depicting everything from Napoleonic naval run by one half of TFL Nick Skinner, to Cold War run by Lard Approved penman Nick Overland (you don't have to be called Nick to run a game at the event BTW) with hopefully some cracking eye-candy on show into the bargain. Among the highlights will be Rich Clarke himself running his Chain of Command 'Le Port' game , Sidney Roundwood's truly epic 'Verdun' which began about here(?) & an adaption of Sharpe Practice for The Indian Mutiny in a  scenario called 'Saving Mrs. Ryan' run by Simon Walker. The proximity to the anniversary of the D-Day Landings will also be well served by an IABSM rendering of 'Omaha Beach' by Mike Whittaker.

With the aforementioned anniversary of D-Day in prominence, It also featured heavily in my choice for the game I'll be putting on for the day with the aid of chum/neighbour/oppo Paul of As I've previously mentioned, my absolute favourite in wargaming is WW2 & in particular Normandy as a theatre. That all coupled with the enormous popularity of the Chain of Command rules made this a 'no-brainer'.

Purely by coincidence, while Rich Clarke's B Company 7th Para Btn are slogging it out for Le Port, just along the road our A Company will be desperately trying to hold the southern aspect of the Orne Bridgehead against 21st Panzer Div. in BENOUVILLE this time in 15mm!

Some of the reading material I've been using to get the Paras perspective of the battle
Some of the individual accounts surrounding this particular fight are truly amazing & bring home what a close run & 'up close & personal' encounter it turned out to be. I sincerely hope to capture that feeling for the players when I attempt to transfer it to the table top. Future blog posts will concentrate heavily on my efforts to bring about the game.

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