Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Getting back to it

......And I'm back!

After a month's hiatus it's time to get back to it. I'd decided that as all my posts had been about the Bénouville game and OML2 it had all reached a point where it could have become overkill. As the event got closer, I found that I was unable to post further info for fear of giving the scenario away too much for the players on the day. Then, after the event, it was so well covered everywhere on the net there wasn't much original material I could add. Suffice to say, unless you've been hiding under a rock you'll have seen or read or heard SOMETHING OML2 related. Just in case you didn't, you can catch up on most stuff here Also the scenario itself (with all needed to play it) actually made it into this year's Summer Special(!) along with your's truly's report of the day's proceedings. All available here for the absolute bargain snip price of only £6!

I enjoyed the day enormously. So much so that I actually forgot to take ANY photos! DOH!

I ran the Bénouville scenario in the morning for Geoff Bond (Brits) & Jason Ralls (21st Panzer) ending in a close run victory for the Paras courtesy, it must be said, of some outlandish dice-luck to recover from a couple of strange tactical decisions. I think they both enjoyed it. The play-testing certainly paid dividends ensuring the game ran well on the day.

In the afternoon I had probably one of the best games of CoC ever. Le Port run by Rich Clarke himself. Dave Luff and myself were given the Paras and had to hold off a counter-attack by panzergrenadiers played by Garry Shortland & Jamie Burrell. Everything went really well for us. Dave (experiencing CoC for the 1st time) and I formulated a bit of a plan after the patrol phase and with Dave rolling all the dice my usual appalling luck never reared it's head - confirming what I always knew.....

The evening was again a cracking time. The curry went down well (aided by some liquid gold), the stories & banter flowed and not even England's defeat to Italy late on could dampen the day's enjoyment.

I'd go so far as to say hat this year went even better than the last, so it looks fairly certain that it'll all happen again next June by popular demand.

I haven't been idle since the event despite my lack of blogging activity. I'll be putting up a post later today or tomorrow (with piccies) showing what I've been up to and sharing a few thoughts after my month of reflection.......

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