Monday, 21 July 2014

Ze Germans....

As I said last week's game may have been short on support points but it did give me the incentive to finish up a couple of loose end projects. The minefields and wire were in the last post but it also pushed me to finish my first platoon of panzergrenadiers along with enough extras to fill quite a few of their support options too.
All these were from the plastics in the Flames of War starter set "Open Fire" with a few from the plastic panzergrenadier box set I picked up for a song on eBay. I never thought I'd say it, but those little BF plastics are lovely figures. Sure there's the odd turkey amongst them, but on the whole there are some lovely details and posing.
A full Panzergrenadier Platoon. Three sections plus command.

This chap & his radio man would provide my second "Senior Leader" option in Chain of Command or another level 3 or 4 "big man" in IABSM.
Forward Observer & radio- again for either system.
A second Panzerschrek (as if one wasn't enough!)

These unlikely lads are back-up in case that panzerschrek doesn't come off. "Tank Killer" team.
Singles and spares for casualty replacements. There's a spare Junior Leader (or level 1 or 2 BM) in here too.
A better shot of those shock markers. All-in-all I've now got enough for all my games of both CoC & IABSM. These are available from Peter Pig in packs of eight.
And finally some dead markers for crewed weapons on multiple bases etc. Again Peter Pig.
I've also made good headway on both PaK 40(x2) and PaK41/43(x2) anti-tank guns for support. They'll be heading round to Paul Next Door later hopefully to get some camo applied along with the last few kits I needed to complete the 21st Panzer options for Chain of Command and another 3x 251's & 3x Panzer IV H's.
The allies have had a boost as well. I Finally put together some of the "funnies" I've got. I think they'll make for some interesting games in their own right. While I await the return of my newly camouflaged German kit, I'll set to work on the British anti-tank guns. I've got 6Lb & 17Lb. variants for both Infantry and Airborne to finish up. I had another little win on eBay too. There are 10 more Shermans winging their way to sunny Borsetshire as I type.
Paul and me have another game scheduled for this Thursday. Details will be finalised tomorrow. You never know, I might actually be able to stay focussed enough to do an AAR on this one! 

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