Saturday, 30 December 2017

Stalingrad! Christmas All-Day Game (Part 2)

The Russians deploy Svetlana Bosseyedovic, a sniper trained by the German Sniper School at Zossen, in a vantage point up in the tower crane. THIRTEEN shots later, she makes her first kill.

Blissfully unaware of the Germans below them, Russian Sailors deploy to the upper storeys of the Kraplinov to provide overwatch cover for the troops before them in the trenches.

While their Infantry colleagues do likewise in the Chemical Works covering the ruined fuel storage.

As casualties mount in the Fuel Silos, the Russians consider withdrawing having achieved their goal of holding up the German advance.
After softening up the defenders, Schewardt's Pioneren assault Russian positions in front of The Kraplinov Tractor Factory.
However, their left section are ambushed by an HMG as they skirt the signal box.
Despite losses from the HMG ambush, The Pioneren sweep the Russians from their entrenchments.
Russian dead litter the trenches, as the survivors retreat in disarray back toward The Kraplinov.

Desperate measures. Before: Up steps the Kommisar to stem the tide of retreating sailors.
Desperate measures. After: The Sailors shock is reduced by only ONE point.   

Succumbing to heavier firepower and confident that The Kommisar is elsewhere, the withdrawal begins in the fuel silos.

Waiting until an optimum opportunity presents, The Russians unleash their flame thrower in ambush on the pioneren moving through the central sewers. The attack results in only minor disruption and the German advance continues.

As they withdraw, Russians take unexpected fire, Downing their Kaporal and thinning both sections.
The unexpected fire is from the MMG with a sweeping view of the whole Russian withdrawal.
The German Pioneren assaulting from the central sewer clears the sailors from the forward building between the factories, severely weakening the Russian left flank. Both Pionere platoons mass to attack the Kraplinsky.

Having only just made her first kill, Svetlana is spotted and slotted by German LMG fire.
As Russian forward resistance ebbs away, the Germans turn their 75mm Infantry Gun in preparation for the final assault on the factories.
With the impending threat of assault, the Russians in the Viagra Chemical Works stiffen their defences in preparation.

As outlying troops begin to swarm back in from their forward positions the noose tightens around the Russians necks. Can they hold the factories long enough to receive reinforcements?.....


  1. Ruined factories, snipers, pipes and sewers to negotiate, spilled yellow chemical powders on boots. You could make a movie of that lot. Perhaps a dead German still holding a rifle might add some atmosphere?

  2. We had those! But we were having so much fun we kept forgetting to put out the dead :^)