Monday, 4 December 2017

Resurrection and a Challenge.


That was some year I tell you.

After a false start getting the blog back on track caused by a mere malaise bought about by hobby change, I actually had a REAL world problem that nearly ended more than my blogging!

Completely out of left-field I developed a major heart problem. My Mitral valve catastrophically failed resulting in open heart surgery in January of this year. I underwent an emergency repair, fortunately (for me at least) averting my impending demise, however, that has subsequently failed and now I'm due back in Oxford in the new year for a brand new shiny metal replacement valve which will hopefully put an end to it all.

My attentions to my blog have been (understandably I think) averted. Nonetheless I shall apologise and assure anyone taking the time to pick back up on all things BBaL that I'll be making maximum effort from here on to keep up my posts.

I owe the inspiration for getting back to blogging to my new, great chum Curt of We met courtesy of a Sharpe Practice game at good mate Jim's (follow him on Twitter at @ltharrystocracy) in late October and he recently invited me to take part in the forthcoming

L to R: Curt, Jim & Phyllion (of gurning around our game of SP2

I have committed to painting 400 points over the three months that the challenge runs which, although is a small amount, takes into account that I'll have a break from mid-January for an unknown period.

I'm busy prepping figures (which is permitted) prior to the challenge starting on the 20th December. So plenty of cleaning up, undercoating and spraying ahead. The next few posts will focus on what choices I've made, but suffice to say there may be a few surprises in store which will reflect on the cataclysmic hobby changes I've made over the last 18 months.

Here's to bothering you far more frequently over the next few days!

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  1. Brilliant stuff, Ade! I very much look forward to following your progress non only over at the Challenge blog, but here as well. Onwards and upwards!