Thursday, 28 December 2017

Stalingrad! Christmas All-Day Game (Part 1)

This year’s all-day at Earlswood Club was a bit extra special. After drooling over it since it’s completion in May, we finally got to game over Al’s UNBELIEVABLE Stalingrad terrain.

Our game pitched three German platoons with 20 support points attacking factories held by two Russian platoons with 14 support.

Kapitan Deaconev's Infantry Platoon (me) was defending the Viagra Chemical Works on our right flank

As Russians we had chosen in support 1 x 76mm Infantry Gun, 1 x man-pack Flame-Thrower, 1 x 12.7mm HMG, 1 x Sniper and for a bit of fun, 1 x Commisar.

Kapitan Leitchiski's Naval Infantry platoon (Bob) was defending the Kraplinov Tractor Plant on our left flank

Our German opponents commands lined up as follows:

Hauptmann Schewardt's Pionere Platoon (Al) took their right flank opposite Bob
Hauptmann Seebrucke's Pionere Platoon (Vlad) was in their centre
While Hauptmann Speiche's Infantry Platoon (Spike) was opposite me in the chemical works
The Germans chose an extra Senior Leader for each platoon, 1 x 75mm Infantry Gun (attached to Spike), 1 x man-pack Flame Thrower (Vlad) and 1 x MG34 MMG (Al). They had also clearly hatched a devious plan while Bob & I were despatched to make drinks in the kitchen.

Russians deploy two sections into forward positions among the ruined fuel storage
While sailors take up position in the upper floors of the office block and the forward trenches by the rail lines.
Hauptmann Speiche's Infantry begin a prolonged firefight with the Russians in the ruined  fuel storage (their orders had been to distract the Russians from the hidden advance through the sewers against their centre).
Meanwhile on the right flank Hauptmann Schewardt's Pionere begin their assault on the forward Russian trenches. One section advancing toward the signal box, another right-flanking while a third took up overwatch positions in the ruins behind them. 

As the advance toward the factories from both flanks began, Hauptmann Seebrucke's Pionere platoon, accompanied by their flame-thrower support advanced unseen through the central sewer toward the vulnerable gap between the defending Russians......


  1. That is one stunning table! Looking forward to more updates on the action.

  2. Stunning set up- it must have been a joy to play on.



  3. Chin,hurts.after.dropping.of.jaw!! Now a a jealous shade of green 😉

  4. I followed the progress reports of the making of this terrain. Still too much to take in, mind blowing.
    A happy New Year to you Ade.

    1. It’s an awesome experience to play over. Better still, he’s adding more!
      Have a great 2018 Pat I’m looking forward to your book.

  5. This is quite astonishing. Bloody well done, guys.