Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Stalingrad! All-Day Christmas Game (Part 3)

With the central building between the Russian held factories now firmly in German hands, Hauptmann Schewardt's pioneer platoon began to form up for their assault on the vulnerable Kraplinov Tractor Factory.
First of Schewardt's squads begins their assault
With an attack also coming from the sewers, the Russians are forced to face off against two opposite threats

Germans enter the Krapinov coming under an intense hail of machine gun fire.
 The unfortunate lead assault in to The Kraplinov blundered into the naval troops' specialist defence unit. Thirteen troops each equipped with an SMG. The ensuing combat pitched The Russian defenders on a massive 77 dice against the encroaching Germans on only 16!

The attacking German section is wiped out to a man.
 As you'd expect the German assault ended in total destruction, but exacted such a heavy toll in Russian leader casualties that Komrade Kapitan Leitchiski's naval troops Force Morale plummeted to ZERO and the Kraplinov fell to the invader.
Butcher's bill for the first factory.

Hauptmann Seebrucke's platoon emerges from the sewer to destroy fleeing Russian stragglers in fierce hand-to-hand combat under the crane.
Germans signal the capture of the central building to the Luftwaffe

A minor inconvenience as disproportionate losses force the Pioneren temporarily back into the sewers.

Germans in the Kraplinov office block also signal their capture to the Luftwaffe.
Surrounded on three sides, morale falling rapidly and in the knowledge that The Kommisar had perished in the attack on the neighbouring Kraplinov Tractor Factory, The remaining Russians holding out dissolved away to seek out reinforcements for tomorrow's inevitable push to reclaim this particular part of Hell. 

Marking the ruined roof of The Viagra Chemical Plant with their swastika the German victory, at least for today, is complete.
But who knows what tomorrow will bring? URAAAH!

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