Sunday, 29 March 2015

OML3 The Lardest Day Under Way

And they're Off!
For those who don't know, each year I organise the Operation Market Larden (or Great Tractor Rally as Rich Clarke likes to call it) event here in the heart of rural Borsetshire.

This year's will be the third and it's already is shaping up to be another cracker. Having sold out the 34 spaces in record time (just over a week) to folks from Devon to Lincolnshire and it seems everywhere between, work is well under way with the planning of games, players for those games & the now customary TFL cakes. Mmmmm cake. Not long now until June 6th!

These have literally gone down very well in previous years!
There will be 10 games this time. Rich Clarke will be showcasing his soon-to-be-released "Fighting Season" rules set for the modern setting (think Afghanistan, Gulf War, ISIS), there'll be Sharpe Practice variants from the War of the Roses, Sudan and Napoleonic Peninsular. Nick Overland is bringing his as yet un-published IABNM variant, Mike Whitaker's Normandy IABSM, Mud & Blood from the Russo-Japanese War, Dux Brit and finally two games of the hugely popular Chin of Command, both of which are not quite the norm. The Custard Guzzlers are putting on a Big CoC variant set in France 1940 and I'll be trying out a WW1 variant.

The format usually follows a morning and afternoon game at the home of Wyvern Wargamers, then off for an evening of curry sandwiched between pub visits. I'm sure there will be plenty to report on after the event.

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