Sunday, 25 January 2015

"Ding!" And I'm back in the room!

Forgive me Blogosphere for it has been an almighty SEVEN weeks(!) since my last submission.

As it was my first Christmas since entering the world of blogging, I must admit to having been caught completely unprepared for the disruption bought about by the festivities. All in a good way. I've spent so much time having fun with family and friends that I'd just lost track and haver struggled to muster up the required effort while gorged on mince pies, nuts and cold turkey with pickles. Even this far into the New Year I've been hammering the gaming hard enough that I've not really conjured up any blog time.

So, this catch up will just be a few photographs of the a selection of the fun that's been had, with next post being my (first draught) plans for the year ahead. With a few curve balls thrown in for sure!

Here a just a few shots from the games where I remembered to take any (doh!)

First up was a very fun CoC "training mission" against my 16 year old lad Connor. I played a British Infantry platoon supported by a Sherman, attacking his hastily defending German Grenadiers with a PaK 40. Suffice to say no plan survives contact with the enemy and I was duly handed a good beating! Well done son, we'll make a "proper" wargamer of you yet.
Somewhere in that raging inferno is the remains of my big cat. More Coc this time against Bob. My gallant Grenadier defenders with all their support lumped into that Tiger 1. Again hastily defending this time trying to thwart Para's with lots of support choices including a FLAMETHROWER(!). All I can say is NASTY! Having had Bob languishing on 3-4 force morale for what seemed like ages, while mine remained a healthy 7, the sudden ambush grilling the Tiger bought about my rapid demise.
A trip into the loft to put away the decorations turned up a VERY old favourite game from my teenage years. With both sons and even the wife keen to play, the good times came rolling back. There were some truly hilarious moments culminating in Liam being instated as the "New Arnold Rimmer" of the modern age. Somehow though, Googling "How to win at Risk" just has a nasty ring to it. I bet that doesn't make his Risk Campaign Book!
Next up Garry came up for an eagerly awaited taster of the Fantasy adaptation of Sword & Spear. Having rather a lot of fantasy figures (with my old shop stock, two 16 year old lads and a looong mis-spent history of dabbling myself) it seemed rather a shame to have them languishing in the ignominy of the garage for the want of a decent set of rules. We had resolved last year to embarking on the "Grail Quest" for a replacement for Warhammer with these and lately, an adapted Lion Rampant coming into focus. Garry rocked up with his usual. 300 points of some or other flavour of "Poncey Elves", while I elected for all things green in the same amount. A very surprising game unravelled. The command & control were simple but elegant, there were all-manner of little subtleties and no shortage of strategy and prioritisation to boot. In the end I smashed seven bells out of him, so we'll definitely be exploring that again!*
And finally (for now at least) more CoC at Bob's. This time a cracking little France '40 game. Me as the French (all my supports lumped into a Char B) while Bob attacked with German Infantry supported by a mortar barrage and Stug 111D. Suffice to say me wounding his FOO helped immeasurably and my Tremblon VB grenade launchers performed a sterling role. In the end Bob's attack on the crossroads was truly least for now.

So there you have it. A brief catch up on where I've been. There have of course been a great many more games (too many to mention) over what has undoubtedly been my busiest Christmas for many years. Here's to an active wargaming year ahead & a belated Happy New Year to you one and all.

Next up, another Muskets & Tomahawks after my last (un-photographed) unmitigated disaster where my Indians and Coureur de Bois received rough handling at the hands of Bob's British.

*It actually inspired the first painting of the year! With some gretchy Night Goblins getting some well overdue love in preparation for another run-out - shots to follow.


  1. Good to see you've been getting some games in Ade. See you at Wyvern soon?

  2. Many & varied Phil! I'll be at the next one. Not missed one in a while now! See you there fella :^D