Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wyvern Wargamers Big CoC with Big Rich 27-09-14 (Part 2)

So with the scene set, briefings given and battle plans drawn up, we rolled for force moral. Big Rich disastrously (for him) rolled a '1' (FM8), while Paul rolled '6' (FM11). That made Paul overall commander for the Brits and although it would be his dice dictating turn ends etc. he slyly passed over the patrol phase to Rich!

Although we both ended up with FM of 9 I was overall commander for the Germans by default as Bob had chosen to command the armour.
German view before the patrol phase. Bob and myself had already decided that priority must be given to denying the Brits a jump-off point in either of the mid-table wooded areas. After that, as our armour was deploying from the road entry points, we'd be happy jumping off from the hedge line and the factory if we could claim it.
The scenario we were playing was number three, a straight forward attack-defence and unfortunately I rolled a paltry two patrol marker moves before the Paras got to attempt to pen us in. In the end neither Rich or I attempted to claim the woods between the wheat fields and all our markers became locked down in the open ground or near the road. I'll admit I lost concentration at one point which could have proven costly, but in the end Bob and I were happy with our lot.
"Lock Down". Neither side had the central woods, while we'd achieved the factory as our furthest point forward.
We'd decided to pile on early and Bob's panzers quickly approached the hedge line.
Rich and Paul (eventually - the Pre-game barrage caused delays) deployed snipers to pick at our infantry escort. Although Rich forgetting they hit on three up did mean they weren't very successful for a number of turns :^D
German infantry appear round their armour and adapt overwatch to catch those snipers out. Equally unsuccessful, they failed every attempt at spotting!
The German attack was proceeding nicely, with the lead infantry and armour elements reaching the wooded area ahead of the factory on our right flank. Then things began to unravel. The Allies were racking up inordinate amounts of '5's and collecting CoC dice like they were going out of fashion. They ended the turn - and thereby our Pre-game barrage, with it having had little effect. There was little point in our FOO deploying when they had the ability to end any other barrage immediately.    ....Then disaster struck!
Rich's TFL dice (highly recommended purchase) rolled this! All those '6's bought about the first random event of the day. A stray mortar barrage would randomly hit the battlefield for one phase.
Would you believe it? Our lead units copped for the lot! Four (total) dead and shock to both infantry sections really put a crimp on things. Slowing us down and reducing our threat.
The random barrage ceased and the smoke cleared, allowing the Germans Mark IV's on the road to advance and take up positions to support an infantry attack on the farm house ahead. Then all Hell broke loose as Rich and Paul decided the time was ripe for cashing in some more of their hoarded CoC dice.

Rich's dug in A/T Gun and an infantry squad take up position on the hill front. 

Paul ambushed a PIAT from the out house widow at the farm, damaging the engine of one tank, while Rich, having deployed a Six Pound A/T Gun in a pit on the slope cashed in TWO CoC dice as interrupts to take out his target. Bob's FM took a plunge, dropping three points to just six.

Panzer 422 goes up in smoke after two hits from the 6Lb A/T Gun

Our intention to attack the farm house on our right flank to attain a base of fire near to the hill was hampered as Paul took advantage of our delay to deploy a section into the back garden. Then Lady Luck swung the balance back in The Fatherland's favour. I began a run of SEVEN consecutive phases (including a turn ending three sixes). Taking advantage I quickly rallied off the shock from the panzer grenadiers and moved both depleted sections to assault Paul's position before he could reinforce further. Not knowing how long I could push my luck, I chose to get stuck in without pinning him first. The result was a Pyrrhic victory. I took more casualties but managed to wipe out Paul's section entirely, holding the ground with two VERY poorly looking sections by default. I'd also been forced to cash in a CoC dice to avoid the morale test for my senior leader dying in the assault! Although I'd bought down Paul's FM to seven, my own had dropped to join Bob on a precarious six.

During this run I took advantage of the sudden lack of Allied CoC dice putting our FOO and mortar battery into action, calling down immediate fire on Rich's Paras and gun on the hill from the factory windows. Direct hit!

Stay tuned tomorrow for episode three! (if it's good enough for Peter Jackson) ;^)


  1. Thanks for posting the game notes. I have been looking at the CoC rules since you mentioned them to me, and I am looking to get a copy!

  2. Excellent choice Jay! You'll NEVER look back ;^)