Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wyvern Wargamers Big CoC with Big Rich 27-09-14 (part 1)

On Saturday we at Wyvern Wargamers held one of our all-day gaming events and were lucky enough to have guest visitors Paul from Kallistra & Big Rich Clarke from TFL among the club members gaming for the day. Paul was involved in a very large WW1 game using rules and 10mm figures from the Kallistra ranges while Rich took part in my four player CoC scenario based in Normandy with Paul, Maximum Bob and myself.
Our game would represent the right of the two blue arrows.
I'd chosen to depict part of the attack by 21st Panzer Division in the evening of 9th June (D-Day +3) when elements of 125 Pz. Gren. Batt. supported by MkIV tanks of 4 Kompanie 22 Pz. Batt. were ordered to attack from Escoville via Hérouvillette and on to Ranville from where they would hold ground with a commanding view of the bridgehead at Bénouville.
Ze Germans! Maximum Bob took control of the Panzer IV platoon while I (mis)handled a platoon of panzer grenadiers. This view towards the south, is from the raised ground at the British end of the table. Escoville would be in the cupboard over Bob's right shoulder, while Hérouvillette village would be about 6 feet behind the camera. 
The Brits (two platoons of The II/Ox. & Bucks Light Infantry) would be played by Big Rich and Paul. With Rich taking charge of the 6 pounder and ALL of the entrenchments as it turned out!
Orders of battle
The German attack would be preceded by a preparatory barrage (as in real life) and would be across well observed open ground with the tanks sometimes providing the only cover for the advancing panzer grenadiers. We'd be relying on those guns from Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 200 and the mortar battery to keep Tommie's heads down!
After a quick historical background to set the scene and 10 minutes for each side to discuss a battle-plan, we were ready for the off at about 10.15am.......... 

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