Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Jonny & the Diggers (part 1)

 No, not some long forgotten 50's rock & roll act but the forces facing off on the Gallipoli peninsular in 1915. So, with the Sari Bair game looming large on the horizon for OML3 the time was right to re-visit my old Battle Honours WW1 Turks who'd been languishing in a box in the garage for 10 years! I decided that the forthcoming game was the motivation I needed to lavish some long overdue attention on the little fellas.

After a quick inspection I decided I'd got far more than I needed (surprise, surprise!) and I'd paint a half-platoon of five 9 man sections, a senior leader and a junior leader with two maxim MMG's - although not all would actually see service this time around. I'd also need to make 4 jump-off points and some shock trackers. There were quite a lot of duplicates among them  so I decided to use some of the excellent Woodbine Designs range of separate heads to mix things up a little.

1st section with a couple of head  swaps on the bottom left figures.

2nd section with a well-fed junior leader and  head swaps on the two behind him.

3rd section - again a couple of fez head swaps.

Section 4 - straight out of the mix

Section 5 - again just the fez swapped

Two Maxim MMG's with dice frames in the bases for tracking crew losses and shock.

Shock trackers (casualties by Woodbine)

Jump-off Points using baggage from Grand Manner's WW1/Colonial range.

Senior Leader and Junior leader for the machine guns

Next up are the Anzac jump-off points and shock trackers which are based and ready to paint later this week.

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