Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Huzzah for Warfare!

I can't wait 'til Saturday.

I'm in a bit of a "Wargamers Funk" at the moment. It happens to us all from time to time. Enthusiasm for a project wanes, time & circumstances conspire against plans, life in general intervenes. These things are sent to try us.

Despite a substantial improvement in my health, the publication of my favourite EVER set of rules  and having without doubt the best fun in this hobby over the last 18 months, I find myself in need of a "bump up".

I know where the problem lies. I know what needs to be done. I know that in a short space of time normal service will resume.

I've managed very little in the way of actual gaming at home (the last miniatures game here was shamefully the 1st of AUGUST! I have managed a few very enjoyable bashes at of all things X-wing, Marvel Dice Masters, Settlers of Catan and the Stalingrad Card Game from DVV. But the lack of miniatures gaming is definitely at the root of the problem. Efforts have been (and continue to be) made to rectify that issue with varying results. Regular visits to Maximum Bob's have yielded games of Muskets & Tomahawks and I've managed a good outing at CoC on a club night against Phil (who's AAR is available here: and a first go at Through the Mud & Blood with Bob at the club too.

Next Tuesday, I've lined up a visit to an old opponent I've not gamed against for nearly 15 years! I'm off to game against John 'Dagger' Sword (ex of Brittannia Miniatures) up at his purpose-built wargames annex up the road in Studley. John's an ex-tankee and has a hugely impressive collection of WW2 kit - albeit in the wrong scale of 20mm. He's also had a hand at writing his own rules but I'm secretly hoping to #spreadthelard and give him an introduction to Chain of Command. If nothing else, I'd be extremely interested to hear his opinion on them! I'll be sure to take plenty of photos of that one and write up what went on. There's the chance (circumstances permitting) that I may even attempt a little "live tweeting" of any game too. That will be on my Twitter feed at @AdeDeacon

The following Sunday at the club, we're hoping to roll out a "Big CoC" game with four players. I have a scenario in mind allowing for a 2 on 2 British vs. Germans battle set in Normandy. I'll run that past the participants.......

Also not helping is the fact that a lack of miniatures gaming has led to a "bitty" approach to my painting. After spending the last 18 months painting almost exclusively 15mm WW2 figures, scenery and vehicles (with fantastic results in terms of output-for me), I've been lacking focus. The result has seen everything from Woodland Indians to Space Orks (the latter in encouragement of my sons - honest!) meandering across the paint table. With little of substance to show for it.

Thank goodness that seems to be slowly rectifying as a fresh new platoon of 15mm Peter Pig & Battlefront British Infantry plus supports is forming up before the brushes as I write, with one eye on that club game in 10 days.

I'm hoping that this weekend's pilgrimage to Reading will provide me with that nudge to give some planned projects fresh impetus to see me through the winter.

I've done the obvious thing and made a shopping list. I'll be hoping to pick up Russian and American casualties for my CoC forces, some more trees from Last Valley and my 28mm Nationalist platoon (plus limited supports) from Empress for next year's club project of CoC Espana. We'll see how much I stick to that list eh?

Well, that's enough waffle for now. Apologies for the lack of photos. Stay tuned for a more colourful post in the next few days!


  1. Might be able to help you out here Ade, just finished a chunk of Russians and could do with a little more practice, pretty sure you would 'nt mind moving to the Russian Front for a few outings.....

  2. Ah you'll push through it Ade - a few more games of CoC will soon sort you out!

  3. Stu, I have some LUVVERLY Russian Front kit. I just bought 13 buildings and even a TRAIN! Drang Nach Osten indeed! :^D

  4. Phil, you have no idea how bad life has got until you're complaining about "not getting enough CoC" :^/