Monday, 28 April 2014

First post......not last post!

Welcome to what I hope will be a regularly updated take on my war-gaming hobby. I hope to include many varied projects I'm currently working on, visits to places of relevance, AAR's & any other frippery that I consider worth prattling on about. It'll be mainly historical (WW2 being my passion), but don't rule out the odd lapse into the realms of sci-fi, zombies, pixies or even space-pixies as, like a great many other gamers of a certain age, that's where it all began......

Why Bullets, Bandages & Lard?
I had a spell in the army - hence the Bullets.
Followed that up with nearly 15 years as a paramedic - hence the Bandages.
A vast majority of my gaming is with the excellent ToofatLardies ( rules sets in particular IABSM, CoC & Dux Britaniarum, hence the Lard.

So, strap yourself in, put the kettle on or do what ever you normally do & let me (try to) entertain you!

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